"I want to guide the lost and the misguided into a better light."
- Leyla Diamondi
The 21-year-old London-based, half-Greek and half-Turkish, artist that is Leyla Diamondi is a representation of the good that can happen when individuals choose unity instead of centuries of racial & cultural division. 

"Leyla is one of the best upcoming, truthful artists I've had the pleasure to work with."
- Magdalena Skoczylas
"Leyla is a rare breed of natural performer... Not a shy bone in her body and I can't wait to work with her again."
- Stefan G. Hanegraaf
"Leyla creates an atmosphere to bring people together, to create an environment where all are welcome and a place you can call home."
- InPop Presents
"Leyla is a promising rising artist to keep an eye on, who already shines thanks to her artistic persona from which exude talent, musicality and magnetism."
- Nova Music Blog