"I want to guide the lost and the misguided into a better light."
- Leyla Diamondi
The 20-year-old London-based artist that is Leyla Diamondi concerns herself with the power in the things we can not see.
In her music Leyla demonstrates how moving on and learning from the past, rather than being saddled by it, is the best way for one to grow into the person they deserve to be. She does this by treating the past, present, and future as a perfect equilibrium.
Leyla is a mystery to most and at the same time is completely herself, it’s one of the many things that people are drawn too. 
"Leyla is one of the best upcoming, truthful artists I've had the pleasure to work with."
- Magdalena Skoczylas
"Leyla is a rare breed of natural performer... Not a shy bone in her body and I can't wait to work with her again."
- Stefan G. Hanegraaf
"Leyla creates an atmosphere to bring people together, to create an environment where all are welcome and a place you can call home."
- InPop Presents
"Leyla is a strong, determined and at the same time a very sensitive person. She has talent, musicality and a powerful voice but she’s also not afraid to put in all the hard work it takes for her dreams to become reality. Working with her is a pleasure, because of her thirst for knowledge, her philosophy of life and sometimes her stubbornness in order to get something right..."
- Dimitris Panagiotou